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Meet Paradise Peach, like a slice of heaven, peach will take you to all kinds of paradise, your personal eco-warrior, with a hint of summer sass. Peach is there to remind you how truly magical the days can be.s.

Meet the newest edition to SoL Family! Our beautiful Mini SoL Bottles are made from 100% Hand Blown Glass, covered with a protective Silicone sleeve. The SoL Mini Bottle is Lightweight and crystal clear, these beautiful bottles are the healthiest and safest way to drink. They hold 410ml and are the perfect on-the-go accessory!

The Mini SoL Bottle fits perfectly in your car holder and carry bag. Meet your new best friend. Pick from an exclusive range of SoL Colours to suit your style and mood.


Note: Our SoL Mini's do not come with a bag or brush, only our Big SoL Bottles do. We appreciate your understanding of this silly mistake on our end. Love SoL. 


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