'We cannot change the past but we can create the future.'

Recycle with Movemetica

We want the world to be a kinder and healthier place and we want to be a part of the solution and not the problem. So we have set up some pretty big goals and you can join us on our MISSION.
Moving towards a circular economy is what the fashion industry must work towards.  We must find ways to overcome existing barriers when it comes to textile recycling. But many of the problems that are currently being faced when  are deeply ingrained legacy issues, the main being that a lot of the materials used in textiles are not able to be recycled or reused, particularly when it comes to activewear.
Designing differently is definitely an important start, that is why we at MOVEMETICA support the brands that are taking action in this space. We need brands to design using materials that are circular-economy ready so they can be dissembled easily. 
Activewear is one of those things like underwear and socks that can’t be donated unless new and unworn so that means those sweaty and old leggings you no longer need will end up in landfills. 

Got worn-out activewear with no place to go? We have the answer.

We've partnered with UPPAREL to make sure your old activewear will not end up in landfill but instead turned into something "new".

And the best part is, have 10kg of your old clothing, linen and shoes collected for just $25, and score it back in store credit which is fully redeemable to spend at Movemetica*

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*Terms and Conditions apply: 
- Valid for orders over $100
- Excludes Jasmine Alexa, Pinky and Kamal and fitness accessories 
- Not valid with any other offer