About movemetica


A passionate group of sweaters, movers, and conscious lifestylers who care deeply about our people and the planet. 

We provide better choices for active people through our thoughtfully curated selection of active and lifestyle products for the modern conscious woman.

'The Movemetica woman is a game-changer. She breaks the barriers and uses her voice to constantly question the norms. She shows up. She takes action. She strives to make our planet a better place to exist because she cares deeply and passionately.  

Not only about being the best of herself but everyone and everything that her surrounds her.  Her people.  Her planet.  She wants to know who is making her clothes and is conscious of the impact their creation had on the environment.  She wears sustainably sourced, ethically produced garments that don’t cost the earth and she does it because she knows it's the right thing to do'.

Here are Movemetica, sustainability and delivering on-point, high-quality active and sportswear that doesn't cost the planet is the core of everything we do.  

Our passion lies in finding, and handpicking products that are made in a more responsible way and by brands that 'give a damn' to bring you the latest and best in sustainable and ethical activewear so you move beyond looking good, but feeling good knowing that you are part of the change. 

If you would like to know more about Movemetica, what we do or have an idea on how we can make an even bigger impact, please email us and info@movemetica.comWe would love to hear from you!

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