How to create a healthy morning routine

How to create a healthy morning routine

Morning routines are a great way to boost your mood and productivity. It can help you keep up your new year resolution and lift you out of the crisis fatigue you’ve experienced this past year. 

A morning routine is at its core, a set of habits you repeat in the morning before the craziness of the day starts. According to psychologists, a morning routine can make or break how you approach your health goals. When you respond to impulses as soon as you wake up - like snoozing your alarm or skipping a workout - it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

The purpose of a morning routine is to shift this attitude by accomplishing simple yet conscious actions. By repeating daily, meaningful habits in the morning, you will find that your impulses are slowly being replaced by healthy and conscious decisions.

Here are some tips to help you create a healthy morning routine.

1. Get clear on your goals

Motivation is the key to start and keep up a healthy morning routine. So to understand what motivates you, you need to dig into your goals and ask yourself what you want to achieve. From there, you can narrow down the actions and habits that will be beneficial to you.

If your goal is to lose weight, perhaps you would want to focus on implementing exercise, intermittent fasting, or fueling breakfast in your morning routine.

If your goal is to simply start the day with a positive and relaxed mindset, you could make time to meditate, read, or take a walk outside. 

Your goals and intentions are unique to you, so don’t think that a healthy morning routine has to be the same for everyone. The idea is to implement only the things that support you and your goals. It can be as long as you want and include any habits to deem beneficial. So grab a notebook, write down your health goals, and figure out what habit you need to implement in order to get there.

2. Prep the night before.

Finding the motivation to get out of bed and actually attend to your routine is not always easy - even when you know it is good for you. In order to stay ahead of those slumpy feels, it is beneficial to prepare for your routine the night before. 

Are you planning to do a yoga session at home? Lay down your mat the night before. Looking to go for a run in the morning? Check the weather, set your alarm, and pick your outfit in advance. Meaning to take your vitamins? Place all of them onto your counter with an empty glass, making it easy for you to take. 

It’s been shown that we are more likely to keep up our morning routine when we have prepared for it the night before. This is because when we lay out what we need the night before, we mentally condition ourselves to take action. Our healthy morning routine is already put in motion, which makes us more motivated to complete it. And motivation is everything.

So figure out what action you can take and what items you can prep the night before, and set yourself up for success.

3. Stay consistent

Staying consistent in the beginning can be tuff. Thankfully, you already know that prepping the night before and remembering your goals are good ways to keep yourself going. But they're not the only ones.

Sometimes, we lack consistency when we are trying to do too much at the same time. So instead of aiming to implement 5 or more new habits, why not start with just one or two. Once they feel like second nature, you can look into adding longer or new habits. 

If you want to exercise more, but a daily 30 minutes workout seems like a bit much, why not only commit to 15 minutes daily, or 30 minutes twice a week? Then you can increase your commitment over time. Similarly, if you want to implement intermittent fasting, dry brushing, and a daily walk, why not just start with two of those for a few weeks then slowly add in the others.

Staying consistent requires discipline so make it easier on yourself by slowly implementing new habits. It will allow you to see what is and isn’t working but also help you maintain your morning routine for the long run.

A list of healthy habits you can explore

Now that you feel empowered to start your own morning routines, here are some healthy habits ideas you can implement:

Drink a warm lemon and ACV water: Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar as soon as you wake up kick-starts your digestive system and is beneficial for detoxification.

Meditate: Meditation allows you to start the day with a calm nervous system and a relaxed state of mind. It also oxygenates your body fully with deep and mindful breath. 

Journal: When we wake up, we are in a delicate and intuitive state of mind. Through journaling, we get to release any emotions lingering in our subconscious, leaving us feeling mentally lighter throughout the day.

Move your body: As your muscles tighten up during the night, moving your body in the morning through a stretch, walk or workout is beneficial for the good health of your joints and muscles. Plus it feels really good. 

Dry brush: Beneficial for water retention and cellulite, dry brushing your legs, arms, and belly before a shower promotes healthy circulations.

Have a cold shower: Immersing yourself in cold water - even for a few seconds - can boost your mood and stimulate your immune system. 

Nourish your body: Starting the day with a healthy meal filled with protein, fibres and good fats keeps your blood sugar steady throughout the day. This is beneficial for weight loss. 

The list of healthy habits you can implement in your morning routine is extensive. The goal is to do what works for you. Because when you’re motivated by your goals and stay consistent, your morning routine is quickly gonna become something you look forward to. And your health will be better for it.


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